Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Inspections


Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale RV Inspection

How many RVs on the market are sold by private owners? That answer is 60%. Many RV buyers don’t know what to inspect when purchasing an RV. This results in some costly repairs after their purchase.
Knowledgeable RV buyers know the best ways to save money. They know what they are getting into when purchasing an RV and getting it inspected.
It is important to have trained and certified RV inspectors performing your inspection. The RV industry deserves Quality RV Inspections for the millions Of RVs used on the market today. This is where we can help. We can help with the needed pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection. We are an NRVIA Certified RV inspector.
As an NRVIA certified RV inspector we are trained to exceed the highest standards in this industry, promote professionalism and communicate our findings in full detail with clients. Our services include…

  • Class A Diesel Motorhome $650.00 125 Point Inspection 20-25 photos
  • Class A Gas Motorhome $600.00 125 Point Inspection 20-25 photos
  • Class B Motorhome $450.00 125 Point Inspection 20-25 photos
  • Class C Super Diesel $600.00 125 Point Inspection 20-25 photos
  • Class C Diesel $550.00 70 Point Inspection 20-25 photos
  • Class C Gas $550.00 70 Point Inspection 15-20 photos
  • 5th Wheel $500.00 60 Point Inspection 15-20 photos
  • Travel Trailer $450.00 60 Point Inspection 15-20 photos
  • Basic RV Inspections  $350.00  Safety Check (15 to 20 points) 

Fluid Sampling; Oil, Transmission and Coolant, Highly Recommended for all Inspections on your RV, generator & Aqua Hot System.

To draw a comparison, when you visit your Doctor for your annual physical, prior to seeing the Dr, blood tests have been ordered, lab reports obtained so the Dr can fully understand what is going on inside your body. The same is true with fluid sampling for your RV. Fluid sampling is an important portion of the inspection process.

  • One Sample–     $55.00 Oil or Coolant
  • Two Samples –  $100.00 Oil or Coolant
  • Three Samples -$150.00 Oil or Coolant
  • Four Samples -  $200.00 Oil and Coolant
  • Five Samples -  $250.00 Oil and Coolant
  • Six Samples -    $300.00 Oil, Coolant and Aqua Hot

Fluid Sampling fees are additional to the Inspection fee. 4, 5 & 6 samples include overnight shipping to the lab.Travel & Mileage:  Travel, tolls, and mileage fees will be added to the cost of the inspection. Rates will be quoted when we discuss your inspection.